reinventing the documentary

Fiction. Reality. Gazes. Voices. Contexts. Processes. When we sit opposite to the screen or behind of the camera, as an audience or filmmakers, we wonder several of endless questions. These questions make us reflect about the tight border between the genders and delimitate how far the nonfiction and we might get. There are various ways to get close to the reality and shape it to bring it up into the screen. Fortunately, every place where there is a story, consequently, there will be a filmmaker to tell it and shake our consciences.

Why are the documentaries made? Which way might they be better told? How may we get adapted to the new technologies? These are just some of the questions that we discuss in the DocsFòrum with prestigious personalities from the cinema and communication.

Erik Gandini, our special guest, will address the documentary research issue. Aitor Merino, actor and documentary filmmaker, will analyse his film Asier ETA biok. Isaki Lacuesta will explain his theory about the borders between reality and fiction. Jon E. Illescas will present his book La dictadura del videoclip. The Uruguayan filmmaker, Gonzalo Arijón, will outline the difficult portrait of the documentary filmmaker work. Mercedes Moncada will go in depth about the importance of the memory and how to work on it in the cinema. Finally, the critic and historian Román Gubern, will reflect about the evolution of the nonfiction cinema.

This is DocsFòrum, a place to reinvent the documentary, an always on-going transformation genre and keen to revolutionise itself.

NACHO NAVARRO | Executive Director


Aitor Merino

Aitor Merino | Spain

Film, theatre and television actor, he has worked in more than twenty films with directors such as: Montxo Armendáriz, Pilar Miró, Vicente Aranda, Manuel Matji and Icíar Bollaín. His first documentary, El pan nuestro (2008), obtained national and international awards. It was also nominated for the Goya awards in 2008. Asier ETA biok (2013), his first documentary film—co-directed by his sister Amaia Merino—was awarded with the Irizar award in the San Sebastian Film Festival. Currently, he is directing his second length film: Fantasía.

Antonio Martínez Bodi

Antonio Martínez Bodi | Spain

Graduated in law at University of Valencia, he works as an associated professor at UV in the master of cultural management and postgraduate studies of law and business management. In 1994 he start working at the Sociedad General de Autores y Editores (SGAE) as a responsible of Law Services. In 2012, he was appointed as a director of SGAE in the region of Valencia and Murcia, currently he still occupies this position.  

Erik Gandini

Erik Gandini | Sweden

Director, producer, and writer born in Bergamo. He has directed numerous films and documentaries highlighting: Sacrificio: Who Betrayed Che Guevara? codirected with Tarik Saleh, Coral Award winner in the Latin-American International New Film Festival in 2001; Surplus. Terrorized Into Being Consumers awarded in IDFA and Videocracy, award winning in TIFF, Sheffield, the Golden Graal and the Tempo Documentary Award in 2010. He is one of the founders of the Swedish company Atmo. 

Erik Gandini

Gonzalo Arijón | Uruguay 

Multidisciplinary filmmaker. His film Vengo de un avión que cayó en las montañas (La Sociedad de la Nieve) (2008) was awarded, among others, with the Joris Ivens Award in IDFA and nominated to Directors Guild of America Awards at the International Documentary Association Award as well as the European Film Academy Award. He has been jury in Toronto, Guadalajara, Miami, Toulouse, Habana, among other festivals. He has lectured numerous master classes and attended several «doculabs».  

Jon E. Illescas

Jon E. Illescas | Spain

He is cum laude doctor in sociology and communication at UA and graduate in arts with the Special Mention and 5 Stars Universitary Award by UMH. He is a plastic artist and inventor of the «sociorreproduccionismo prepictórico» under the pseudonym of Jon Juanma. He is the author of more than sixty publications about culture, geopolitics, art, communication and economy. His first book was published in 2012: Nepal, la revolución desconocida. He often collaborates in Rebelión y El Viejo Topo. 

Mercedes Moncada

Mercedes Moncada | Spain, Nicaragua

Director, producer and professor, her work has been screening in the most prestigious film festivals and art institutes such as San Sebastián, the Berlinale, IDFA, Sundance and the MoMA. Among her work highlight La pasión de María Elena (2003), which was awarded with the Best Documentary Award in Guadalajara, Sao Paulo and Jerusalem; and Palabras mágicas (para romper un encantamiento) (2012), nominee as a Best Film in 2003 by LASA. Mi querida España (2015) is her last documentary so far.  

Román Gubern

Román Gubern | Spain

He is law doctor at UAB and honoris causa doctor at Carlos III of Madrid. He has been president at Cinema Historian Spanish Society and member of the Française pour la Association Française pour la Recherche sur l’Histoire du Cinéma as well as academic at Real Academy of Arts in San Fernando. He was Ordre des Palmes Académiques Officer (1994) and currently he is an emeritus professor and director of the creative documentary master at UAB. 


12th Friday        Col·legi Major Rector Peset
10:00-12:00        DocsLab Presentation: To the Paper to the Screen
12:00-14:00        Master Class: Erik Gandini

15th Monday    Centre Cultural La Nau
10:00-12:00        Master Class: A Great Theme. A Great Enemy. Aitor Merino
12:00-14:00        Book Presentation: La dictadura del videoclip. Jon E. Illescas

16th Tuesday    Centre Cultural La Nau
10:00-12:00        Master Class: Lights and Shadows of the Documentary’s Profession. Gonzalo Arijón
12:00-14:00        Master Class: The Sinuous Boundary between Reality and Fiction. Isaki Lacuesta

17th Wednesday       SGAE
11:00-13:00        Master Class: Legal Aspects of Documentary Production. Antonio Martínez Bodi

18th Thursday   Centre Cultural La Nau
10:00-12:00        Master Class: Reflections about the Evolution of Documentary. Román Gubern
12:00-14:00        Master Class: The Memory Tools. Mercedes Moncada


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