A cinema festival is worth more than just a range of screenings, it has to go over the limits. The audience must be the main character and these protagonists need to see that their expectations are met and that year after year these will be renewed in order to impress everyone.

The non-fiction genre is the best audio-visual tool that we have in order to get to know, observe, reflect and transform the reality surrounding us. Even the reality that seems to be far and beyond and that belongs to our immediate surroundings.
That is the reality that we would want to bring to our city

We are not a movie festival. We are a festival of stories, looks, perspectives and most important a cultural exchange. Each of the documentaries is an emotion, a discovery, a surprise, plenty of information, poetic beauty and humour. This is what we attempt to transmit to the audience when the room lights are turned off.

We understand the documentary film festivals as a intellectual spaces of agitation as well as stages to think about our world and enjoy getting to know about it. We love when the stories are shared, especially if these are real.

This is what we are, but not only as such. The rest cannot be fitted in a website. We challenge you to find it out at DocsValència Espai de No Ficció.

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