reinventing the documentary

Fiction. Reality. Gazes. Voices. Contexts. Processes. When we sit opposite to the screen or behind of the camera, as an audience or filmmakers, we wonder several of endless questions. These questions make us reflect about the tight border between the genders and delimitate how far the nonfiction and we might get. There are various ways to get close to the reality and shape it to bring it up into the screen. Fortunately, every place where there is a story, consequently, there will be a filmmaker to tell it and shake our consciences.

Why are the documentaries made? Which way might they be better told? How may we get adapted to the new technologies? These are just some of the questions that we discuss in the DocsFòrum with prestigious personalities from the cinema and communication.

Erik Gandini, our special guest, will address the documentary research issue. Aitor Merino, actor and documentary filmmaker, will analyse his film Asier ETA biok. Isaki Lacuesta will explain his theory about the borders between reality and fiction. Jon E. Illescas will present his book La dictadura del videoclip. The Uruguayan filmmaker, Gonzalo Arijón, will outline the difficult portrait of the documentary filmmaker work. Mercedes Moncada will go in depth about the importance of the memory and how to work on it in the cinema. Finally, the critic and historian Román Gubern, will reflect about the evolution of the nonfiction cinema.

This is DocsFòrum, a place to reinvent the documentary, an always on-going transformation genre and keen to revolutionise itself.

NACHO NAVARRO | Executive Director

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