Let’s Talk About Documentary

Nonfiction gives a lot to talk about, to reflect and to debate, even more than we think. And that is what we do in the DocsFòrum.

One of the biggest differences with fiction films is that, in addition to whether we like a documentary or not, we can agree with it or not. And that is what enriches this genre in an important way. The point of view of the filmmakers is what commands, is what makes this a space of creative freedom, not gagged by any previous script.

Much of our films are followed by a conversation with those who created them, but not only with them can we talk, also with specialists from academia and film production, led this year by the British teacher Julien Temple.

A documentary really begins when the final credits appear, when it generates questions, unexpected reflections and strong emotions that we take home. This is the space to share them. Let’s talk about documentary.

More information soon

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