Let’s Talk About Documentary

Nonfiction gives a lot to talk about, to reflect and to debate, even more than we think. And that is what we do in the DocsFòrum.

One of the biggest differences with fiction films is that, in addition to whether we like a documentary or not, we can agree with it or not. And that is what enriches this genre in an important way. The point of view of the filmmakers is what commands, is what makes this a space of creative freedom, not gagged by any previous script.

Much of our films are followed by a conversation with those who created them, but not only with them can we talk, also with specialists from academia and film production, led this year by the British teacher Julien Temple.

A documentary really begins when the final credits appear, when it generates questions, unexpected reflections and strong emotions that we take home. This is the space to share them. Let’s talk about documentary.


La mirada sonora

La mirada sonora is a workshop focused on the importance of soundtracks within the documentary genre that is co-organised by DocsValència Espai de No Ficció and Acorde, the music supervision division of Music Library & SFX.

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Friday 27th     Col·legi Major Rector Peset
16:00–18:00   Master Class. Chronicles of a Punk Filmmaker. Julien Temple.

Saturday 28th     Col·legi Major Rector Peset
16:00–18:00  Round Table. Creative Production: New Formulas. Charlotte Uzu, Claudia Rodríguez, Luciano Barisone. Moderate: Inti Cordera.

Sunday 29th   Col·legi Major Rector Peset
16:00–18:00     Round Table. Festivals and Markets: A General Map. David Baute, Joan González, José Rodríguez. Moderate: Millán Luis Vázquez-Ortiz.

Wednesday 2th   Centre Cultural La Nau
16:00–18:00   Think Reality: Postmodern Forms of the Cinema of the Real. Josep M. Català.

Friday 4th      La Filmoteca
10:00–14:00   Musicalization Workshop. La mirada sonora. Jorge Magaz, Isabel Latorre, Vicente Chust.

Friday 4th       Centre Cultural La Nau
16:00–18:00   Film Experiences. The Experiential in the Processes of Cinematographic Creation. Maider Oleaga.


Charlotte Uzu | Clermont-Ferrand, 1975

After obtaining a master’s degree in art history and anthropology, a postgraduate degree in production and a European Master of Management, Charlotte began her career in the film and television industry as an assistant, then as production manager in the production companies Les Poissons Volants and Les Films d’Ici. Since 2003, he is responsible for international development and structures the international financing of documentaries and feature films at Les Films d’Ici.

Claudia Rodríguez | Bogotá, 1976

Graduated in social communication from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and winner of the annual Unione Latina-Centro Sperimentale di CinematografIa scholarship in 2006. Specialized in the design and development of entertainment and educational audiovisual products and in the distribution and management of fiction audiovisual, documentaries and children’s content co-productions. He has participated as a jury in various film and television festivals.

David Baute | Tenerife, 1974

He studied audiovisual programs at the IRTVE and specialized as a film editor at the Escuela Superior de Artes y Espectáculos of Madrid TAI. Currently he works for different film producers, in which he makes and directs advertising spots, video clips, documentaries and fictions. Since 2007, he coordinates the MiradasDoc Market of the Miradas Doc International Documentary Film Festival and, since 2009, he leads the International Festival of Environmental Film of the Canary Islands.

Inti Cordera | Ciudad de México, 1969

Director and producer of documentary film. Founding partner of La Maroma Producciones and the International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City (DocsMX). He has directed and produced several feature films, series and television programs. He has also participated as a jury in numerous festivals and project evaluation committees, as well as in workshops, analysis forums and working groups in Mexico, Latin America, Europe and Asia. |

Isabel Latorre | València, 1984

Degree in composition from the CSMV and audiovisual communication from the UPV. Master of specialization in writing for audiovisual media at the University of Sussex. He has developed contemporary language in his concert music and written pieces for multiple audiovisual formats. She was nominated at the Jerry Goldsmith Awards, at the 2015 Goya Awards for the documentary El último abrazo (2014) and won the Best Soundtrack at the Terrorífic Film Fest.

Joan Gonzàlez | Barcelona, 1955

He has spent more than 30 years dedicating himself to the audiovisual world with the aim of bringing the documentary to European and Latin American citizens. In 2013 he received the European Documentary Network Award. He is currently the director of the DocsBarcelona International Documentary Film Festival, which turns 21 years old. In addition, in 2015 he started the DocsBarcelona Documentary School project, with the collaboration of the Blanquerna-Universitat Ramon Llull.

Jorge Magaz | Madrid, 1973

Degree in audiovisual communication and teaching. Award-winning composer, experienced arranger and expert in composition, orchestration, modern harmony and jazz. Among his soundtracks include Extraterrestre (2011) and Open Windows (2014) by Nacho Vigalondo, as well as the documentary La mirada de Ouka Leele (2009) by Rafael Gordon. Member of the composer team Alberto Iglesias in El Argentino (2008) and Guerrilla (2008) by Steven Soderbergh and in Cometas en el cielo (2007) by Marc Foster.

José Rodríguez | San Juan, Puerto Rico

Degree of science, specialized in television, radio and film by the University of Syracuse. He has written, directed and filmed three short films and worked as director of photography in six others. He currently manages the day-to-day operations and strategic vision of the documentary programs of the Tribeca Film Institute and teaches several workshops in Latin America and the United States, in partnership with CNN Films, Points North Institute and A&E.

Josep M. Català | Tarragona, 1946

Teacher and essayist. Doctor in communication sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), graduate in modern and contemporary history from the University of Barcelona and Master of Fine Arts in Film Theory from the San Francisco State University of California. He is professor emeritus of the UAB and academic director of the Master of Creative Documentary since 1996. He was also dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the UAB from 2010 to 2016.

Julien Temple | Londres, 1952

British director of documentaries, fictions and video clips. His brilliant career began in the seventies thanks to his films about one of the emblematic punk bands: The Sex Pistols. He has also been linked to groups and artists such as The Clash, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Neil Young and Depeche Mode, among others. His first feature film The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle (1979) is considered one of the best musical films of all time.

Luciano Barisone | Génova, 1949

Founder and director of the Panoramiche magazine. He has worked as a journalist in well-known newspapers —La Stampa or Il Manifesto—, film critic and artistic director of several international competitions, such as the Festival dei Popoli, Locarno and the International Exhibition of Cinematographic Art of Venice. He was part of the jury of the Golden Chamber of Cannes in 1997 and for several years he directed the prestigious Visions du Réel festival.

Maider Oleaga | Bilbao, 1976

Degree in audiovisual communication and diploma in film directing from the School of Cinematography and Audiovisual of the Community of Madrid. In 2015 he completed the Master’s Degree in Feminist and Gender Studies at the UPV / EHU. He is currently carrying out the Agur / Henffych! project, a relationship of creativity initiated through the filmic letters that he exchanges with the Welsh visual artist Naomi Heath. The main theme or axis on which it revolves are Basque and Welsh.

Millán Luis Vázquez-Ortiz | Badajoz, 1978

Musician, director of short films and producer. Founding partner and CEO of Agencia Freak, a leading independent film distribution agency at festivals around the world. Head of acquisitions and sales for the international sales agency Feelsales, specializing in documentaries, short films and animation films. Among its business activities the start-up and sub-direction of online cinema distribution platforms and stands out.

Vicente Chust | València, 1958

Expert and versatile musician, trained in the conservatories of Meliana and València in the specialty of classical guitar. He has taken instrumental specialization courses with the concert artists Francisco Oltra and Carlos Bonell. Member of the Albatros, Vídeo and Malayuna groups, he has worked with international producers and artists. Arranger and musical editor of Planeta Música, has composed soundtracks for television, film and advertising with great success.

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