Call for Entries

DocsValència Espai de No Ficció 1st edition 2017 will take place from May 11 to 21. The Festival will include comprehensive, up-to-date overview of the most featured local, national and international documentary scene in competitive and non competitive sections, which will compete for the festival awards.
DocsValència 1st edition is open for entries for Valencia documentaries.

It will be accepted every style, every genre, every technique. The submission is free of charges.

Thank you all for being part of this 1st edition of DocsValència. See you in the non fiction festival.

The awards are the following:

Feature Film 3500 €

Short Film 500 €


1. The 1st DocsValència Espai de No Ficció 2017 will take place from May 11 to 21.

2. Each applicant may submit one or more documentaries to the Call of Entries.

3. The competitive categories will be: fill-length film and short film.


4. The candidates must complete the application form available at:

4.1 The films must be loaded to Vimeo o YouTube and the links must be protected with a password and the download option enabled (compulsory). In case of any doubts or further questions, please email us to:

4.2 Only in very specific cases, DVD copies will be received, please email to for any enquire related to this matter.

5. The submission is free of charges.

6. The submission deadline will be on Friday 31st of March 2017.

7. To be considered eligible for selection in DocsValència, your film should have been completed after 1st of January 2016.

8. The films can be Spanish or international productions. However, to be eligible they have to involve Valencian participation.

9. There is not needed that the films productions have been made in Valencia or have any topic related to Valencia cultural environment.

10. To be considered as a Short film, it has to be up to 30 min. If the films are longer than 30 min, they will be considered as featured films.

11. Films productions made for television will be considered eligible, either broadcasted already or not.

12. The films may have been screened prior to the festival.

13. By no means the screeners will be returned. They will be part of the festival archives, where they could be use strictly with cultural purposes at the DocsValència always with prior consent by the right holder.


14. In case the film is selected, the person who submitted the film will be notified with the instructions to participate, as well as with the screening copy details and any further materials required.

15. The Selection Committee will be formed by members of DocsValència, as well as documentary specialists, following the quality and creativity parameters, set by the Artistic Direction of the Festival.

16. The Selection Committee reserves the right to switch from one section to another any film, if considered convenient, always with a previous notification.


17. The selected films will have 5 days, from the date of notification, to send the screening copy.

17.1 After the notification, all the participants will receive further instructions about the digital formats and necessary materials required for their participation at the festival.

18. The shortlisted candidates must send, along the screening copy or by e-mail the following materials:
Two stills of the film for the catalogue (1920 x 1080, 300 dpi) and another for the web (1920 x 1080, 72 dpi).

Brief synopsis of the film (500 characters maximum, including dots, comas and spaces).

Press kit, which will be distributed to the media during the festival, as well as other promotional materials (dossier, pósteres, postales, etc.)

Director’s photography (a 72 dpi).

19. All shipments and parcels must be clearly marked as follows: «With no commercial value, for cultural purposes only».

20. The festival organisation assumes that the producers or directors that submit the films through this Call for Entries are the right holders of the works for exhibition, exempting DocsValència of any civil or penal responsibilities.

21. In case of being selected, the documentaries in the stage of post-production (work in progress), will be accepted as long as the producer / director guarantees the reception of the film within the stipulated dates at this Call for Entries. This shall be expressed through a «letter of intent» that the festival will provide at the appropriate moment.

22. DocsValència will not pay screening fees in its competitive categories.


23. The Jury will be formed by renowned specialists of the audiovisual and culture industry. The members of the Jury will be announced prior to the festival.

24. No member of the Jury can participate in any of the sections of the festival, under any credit.

25. No member of DocsValència will be part of the Jury.

26. The Jury’s decision is final.

Final Clause

27. The submission means the total acceptance of this rules and regulations, and its interpretation and application are solely for the organisers.

28. For any question, doubt or further information, please email to
València, February 2017.

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