the documentary as an educational tool

In 2018, DocsValència is committed to a new training component that puts the focus on the wide possibilities offered by the documentary from the educational field, enriching the content of its second edition with an unpublished program.

EducaDocs was created with the aim of permanence and with the aim of putting value on non-fiction films as a transversal educational strategy, using interesting theoretical-methodological approaches to its use and application in a shared way among students, teachers and filmmakers.

EducaDocs develops jointly with schools, institutes, universities, associations and families, a specific program of activities that emphasizes the great power of documentary as a work tool in the classroom and learning space outside of it, to recognize, imagine, create community and, above all, make people aware.

With this commitment, the festival proposes a model of diverse and integral education, which transcends curricular limitations and aims to develop and broaden the eyes of the new generations of lovers and filmmakers of this cinematographic genre.

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I. The Documentary as an Educational Tool

Training session aimed at teachers of high school, as well as university students interested in the didactic use of documentary that values teaching experiences to motivate their presence as an educational tool and exploit their possibilities in the classroom.

Objective: to value the use of documentary in the classroom as an educational tool.

Recipients: high school teachers, university students (journalism, audiovisual communication, teaching, masters, degree).

Registration mode:

Inscriptions closed.

CEU - Fac. Humanidades y CC. Comunicación

II. Welcome, Be Your Dreams

Collaborative project developed by the Secretariado Gitano de València Foundation, the American Space, the Universitat Politècnica de València and the US Embassy. A workshop, under the direction of Apremia, which seeks to bring the cinematographic language to a group of adolescents in order to encourage and channel their expressive concerns.

Objective: to make short films in which the participants materialize what was presented during the workshop and share their experience with the public attending the festival.

Recipients: teachers, students interested in audiovisual narrative techniques and the public in general.

Registration mode: admission is free to the activities of April 29th.

American Space ValenciaUniversidad Politécnica de ValenciaEmbajada en Valencia de los Estados Unidos de América

III. In Search of a Better Future

Activities programmed in schools and during the festival, aimed at ESO students and focused on the situation of refugees traveling from Syria fleeing the war in search of better living conditions in Europe.

Objective: to summon a group of students to focus their eyes on reality through the didactic use of the documentary.

Recipients: teachers, high school students of any educational center.

Registration form: send the name of the educational center, course, number of students and tentative date to the mail

Inscriptions closed.



Block I: The Documentary as an Educational Tool


Saturday, April 28th | 10:00 a 13:30 | Palacio de Colomina (CEU-UCE)


Conference Trails of the Documentary Inside (and Outside) the Classroom. Fernando Ros (CEU-UCH) teaches.

Round table about nonfiction cinema. Participate Isadora Guardia (UV), Manuel Millán (CEU-UCH), Marina Segarra (UPV).

Thematic panels. Participants are Elisa Tormo (Inclusive Cefire), Honorato J. Ruiz (IES Mislata), José López Escribano (Technological Cefire), María José Bataller (Inclusive Cefire).

Block II. Welcome, Be Your Dreams


Sunday, April  29th | 10:30 a 13:00 | Carpa DocsValència, Plaza del Mercado


Round table. Participates Ana Collados (Fundación Secretariado Gitano), Debra Westall (American Space), a representative of the Ministry of Public Diplomacy of the US Embassy, Fani Grande (Apremia), Inma Sánchez (Department of Education), Ricardo Macián (Apremia), workshops.

Sharing of experience between the workshop and the audience.

Screening of the short films made in the workshop.

Block III. In Search of a Better Future


Monday, April  30th** | 10:00 a 13:00 | Carpa DocsValència, Plaza del Mercado


Face-to-face work session. The EducaDocs team presents the project in the classroom through the projection of a short short film, as well as the explanation and motivation of the action of artivism that the students will carry out after the session of the DocsValència tent.

Previous session of artivism. In the educational center, after school hours or at home, students develop the first stages of the activity of artivism.

Session tent DocsValència.. Screening of the documentary Born in Syria, by director Hernán Zin. Subsequently a debate is held on the most relevant aspects of the film. And, finally, the activity of artivism is carried out, which aims at the attendees reflecting and participating through a powerful image and a sensitive reading to put the focus on the difficult situation faced by refugees around the world.

(**) The first two sessions will be held before Monday, April 30 and will be determined specifically with each educational center or group of students.

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