the documentary as an educational tool

In 2018, DocsValència is committed to a new training component that puts the focus on the wide possibilities offered by the documentary from the educational field, enriching the content of its second edition with an unpublished program.

EducaDocs was created with the aim of permanence and with the aim of putting value on non-fiction films as a transversal educational strategy, using interesting theoretical-methodological approaches to its use and application in a shared way among students, teachers and filmmakers.

EducaDocs develops jointly with schools, institutes, universities, associations and families, a specific program of activities that emphasizes the great power of documentary as a work tool in the classroom and learning space outside of it, to recognize, imagine, create community and, above all, make people aware.

With this commitment, the festival proposes a model of diverse and integral education, which transcends curricular limitations and aims to develop and broaden the eyes of the new generations of lovers and filmmakers of this cinematographic genre.

More information soon.

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