Ana Collados | València, 1971

Degree in psychology. She has over 15 years of professional experience as team coordinator, project management and employment, training and social action programs in the private, public and third sector. She is currently responsible for the Housing Area of the Fundación Secretariado Gitano. He also develops his professional work as a teacher of the certificate of professionalism «Teaching vocational training for employment» and teaches modules of other courses.

Debra Westall | Baton Rouge, 1963

She has a doctorate in philology and is a full professor attached to the Department of Applied Linguistics of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV). She has worked as assistant director of the Language Center of the same institution, formed part of various research groups and written numerous articles, papers and academic books. He currently directs the American Space València, a collaboration program of the United States Embassy in Spain

Elisa Tormo |  València, 1982

Journalist of formation and teacher by vocation. The communication and the social aspect, that unite both worlds, are his true passion. Ever since, as a journalist, she decided that teaching was her thing, she studied a high school master’s degree, got a teaching position and embarked on the Master in Research in Language and Literature Didactics at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. A few months ago, the doctoral thesis finished. She is currently an advisor in the Specific Cefire of Inclusive Education.

Fani Grande | València, 1966

Television presenter, screenwriter, writer and blogger. She has a master’s degree in neurolinguistic programming and another in Islamic culture and civilization. He teaches courses on blog content, the ethical use of networks and diversity in the IES of the Valencian Community, as well as effective communication and reader development for early ages. He also teaches classes to improve, enhance and discover all the communication tools that help people to express themselves in public or in private.

Fernando Ros | València

Anthropologist, graduate in history and doctor of philosophy. He has been a professor in the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology of the Universitat de València. In 2002 he won the Marqués de Lozoya Cultural Research Prize. Currently, he coordinates the Area of Aesthetics and Theory of Arts and is a professor of anthropology at the CEU-UCH University, where he teaches the subjects history of cinema and contemporary artistic movements. He is also a professor-tutor at the UNED València.

Honorato J. Ruiz | València, 1961

Degree in geography and history from the Universitat de València (UV). He has been a tenured professor of secondary education, a teacher-collaborator of the educational project European School of Media of the Comenius Program and professor-tutor of the practicum of the Master of Geography and History Didactics of the UV. He has taught the subject of History of Art and the scene of the School of the Actor and collaborates in the pages of culture of various media of Mallorca and València.

Inma Sánchez | València, 1962

In 2015, she was appointed to the Regional Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sports to be a representative of the autonomous education administration of the School Council of the Valencian Community. Subsequently, in 2016 she was appointed general affairs advisor to members of the same council and coordinator of the Autonomous Secretariat of Education of the Regional Ministry.

Isadora Guardia |  València, 1974

Doctor in audiovisual communication from the Universitat de València. He has published numerous articles and communications in national and international congresses, scientific journals and books. His lines of research are focused on new languages and artistic expressions in the audiovisual and film and documentary video militant. His work as a scriptwriter and documentalist have received several awards. He is currently preparing the feature documentary El enigma Conesa, which he writes and directs.

José López Escribano | Cuenca, 1974

Industrial technical engineer, he has more than twenty years of experience teaching technology. Currently, he works as an advisor in the Specific Cefire of Technological and Mathematical Science Area, where he coordinates a group on new methodologies, classroom dynamics, experimental activities and development of STEM resources, which works on the project «Future Classroom Lab».

Manuel Millán | València, 1979

Bachelor of fine arts (UPV), university degree in photography and image (ESFI-CEU) and doctor in communication. Professor at the CEU-UCH, he currently teaches photography and photography management. Specialist in photography and cinema, particularly in the relations that these two arts maintain, he has integrated documentary practice into his subject of cinematographic photography. He is currently preparing a project to bring documentary film to children.

María José Bataller |  Aielo de Malferit, 1975

High school teacher in the specialty of educational guidance. His professional career has focused on school psycho-pedagogical services. He has coordinated the training project «Educate in social competence for inclusion», from which programs have been developed that respond to the educational needs of teachers in the field of educational inclusion and are aimed at students. Currently, she is a consultant for the Specific Cefire of Inclusive Education.

Marina Segarra | València, 1958

Degree in art history from UV and graduate and doctorate in fine arts from the Universitat Politècnica de València. He has taught several courses in masters and doctorates and directed educational innovation projects in new teaching methodologies and applied research in the field of heritage recovery of comic books. Editor and director of the comic magazine Marca Acme and academic director of the audiovisual magazine of reports and documentaries La mirada cautiva.

Ricardo Macián | València, 1963

Diploma in script, with a degree in image and sound, a degree in geography and a master’s degree in business management. He has been a war reporter, director of photography, screenwriter, director and producer in documentaries such as Los ojos de Ariana and in series such as Microasesinos. He also works as a teacher, script analyst, president of Apremia and jury in international festivals. He is currently working on the project «Welcome, Be Your Dreams» and in the documentary Carceller. El hombre que murió dos veces.

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