2000 Maníacos. 25 Years of Series B

Original Title: 2000 Maníacos. 25 años de serie B
Manuel Valencia
Production: Joana Chilet
Photography: Luis Sánchez Toledo
Edition: Óscar Luis Sánchez Toledo
Country: Spain
Year: 2016
Duration: 20′
Language: Spanish
Web: jcmedia.es
Valencian Premiere


The maníacos have been a handful during 25 years. They have been resisting against the influence of the new technologies and editing the fanzine in paper. It has become a cult item. The editor and director, Manuel Valencia, wants to celebrate the anniversary when suddenly is murdered. This a bloody murder with 5 suspected: a series B film director, an illustrator, the leader of the Gigatrón band, the director of other fanzine and the two Goya Awards winner.


Wednesday 17 | 19:00 | Docs a la Plaça
Thursday 18 | 17:00 | Octubre CCC
Saturday 20 | 19:00 | Docs a la Plaça

Manuel Valencia (Spain, 1970) grew up in video shops and double screening session cinemas environment. He worked as a journalist and scriptwriter of more than 500 television programmes. Since 1989 he is director and editor of the 2000 Maníacos fancine, which is specialised in terror and sex films.
  • Maníacos de la serie B (2017)
  • 2000 Maníacos. 25 años de serie B (2016)
  • El titellaire (2012)
  • Peñíscola mon amour (2008)
  • Catacrash! (2008)
  • 2 náufragos (2008)
  • Cosas que hacen que la vida merezca la pena (2008)
  • Mi madre se llama Sagrario (2008)
  • Manolín (2007)
  • Semana de Cine Fantástico y de Terror
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