Eli. Swedish Passion


Original Title: Eli. La pasión sueca
Miguel Argilés, Adriana Gil
Production: Adriana Gil, Miguel Argilés
Photography: Guillermo Alcalá
Edition: Miguel Argilés, Adriana Gil
Country: Spain
Year: 2016
Duration: 4′
Language: Spanish
Web: facebook.com/pg/AdrianaGilActriz
Valencian Premiere


Eli. Swedish Passion exposes a real love story. It is unknown if that guy exist truly. That is known is that the simple idea of feeling loved changed the life of the main character in the documentary. She feels happy now, she is excited because someone, in some place in Sweden, loves her.


Wednesday 17 | 19:00 | Docs a la Plaça
Thursday 18 | 17:00 | Octubre CCC
Saturday 20 | 19:00 | Docs a la Plaça

Adriana Gil (Spain) is an actress, director and professional singer. Among her work as an actress we can found the films: Atrevimiento (2016) by Fernando Alonso, 9 bares (2015) by Ángel Puado, Días de lluvia (2013) by Eneas Martínez and El perro naranja (2013) by Ángel Puado; and the theatre plays such as: Pinocho. El musical (2013) and Jugar y cantar (2012-2015), both of them by Casablanca Espectáculos. A part of filming video clips and advertising campaigns, she has directed and written various length and short films.

Miguel Argilés (Spain) is musician, singer and composer. Best known as a Romántico Latino, for more than 12 years he has been composing for several national and international artists, among which are highlighted: Alejandro Fernández, 3+2, Reik and Noam. Miguel Argilés has been dedicated for more than 3 years to cultivate his career as a performer. Eli. La pasión sueca (2016) is his directorial debut.

Adriana Gil

  • Eli. La pasión sueca (2016)
  • La vida entera (videoclip, 2016)
  • Actriz de musicales (2016)
  • De hoy no pasa
  • El río de Belén (2016)
  • Lo que tú querías (2016)
  • Muñeco de casitas (2015)
  • ¿Jugamos? (2015)
  • Belleza natural (2105)
  • Ni verlas (2015)
  • Paco, Pepe y Lola (2015)

Miguel Argilés

  • Eli. La pasión sueca (2016)
  • IV Certamen Provincial de Cortos Santa Pola. Audience Award (2016)
  • Festival de Cortometrajes José Francisco Rosado Pacas
  • FreeNetWorld
  • Crearity International Film Festival
  • Access Code Short Film Festival
  • Festival Internacional de Cine Pehuajó
  • Premio Fausto Rossano per il Pieno Diritto alla Salute
  • Cinema Grand Prix
  • Stories Lived Personal Passion
  • Falcon International Film Festival
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