Going to School in a Mud Desert

Direction: Aseem Misra
Production: Going to School Fund
Photography: Aseem Misra
Edition: Hitesh Kumar
Country: India
Year: 2005
Duration: 10′
Language: English, Hindi
Web: www.goingtoschool.com
National Premiere


In the middle of a cracked, mud desert of mirages, Ramesh and his friends go to school. Every year, the monsoon turns this desert into a sea, and the water’s levels go up to the height of a man. When the rain stops, the water slowly sinks into the ground. Saltpan workers and their families move into the desert. Children move into with their families and while their families work, they go to school.


Sunday 14 | 12:00 | Docs a la Plaça
Sunday 21 | 12:00 | Docs a la Plaça

Aseem Misra (India) is a filmmaker and director with an enigmatic ability to capture light. Among his works are the short documentary Going to School in Mud Desert (2005) and the medium-length film Going to School in India (2005). Both were produced within a project that creates stories to teach the poor kids on the planet skills at the school of the 21st century. Since 2003, Going to School works across ten states in India.


  • Going to School in a Mud Desert (2005)
  • Going to School in India (2005)
  • Ashland Independent Film Festival
  • DocsMX
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