Direction: José Sánchez-Montes, Gervasio Iglesias
Production: Telecinco Cinema, Universal Music Spain, Sacromonte Films, Mediaset España
Photography: Juan Manuel Carmona
Edition: Mercedes Cantero, Pablo Rojo
Country: Spain
Year: 2016
Duration: 86′
Language: Spanish
Valencian Premiere


This length film documentary tells the progression of the homonymous album. This is an unusual, anarchic and impressive project created by Enrique Morente and the Lagartija Nick in the 90s. It became a revolutionary event that mixed flamenco voice and electric guitars with the Federico García Lorca’s poetry and Leonard Cohen’s score.


Wednesday 17 | 20:00 | La Filmoteca
Thursday 18 | 19:00 | Docs a la Plaça

José Sánchez-Montes (Spain, 1961) is a director, producer and screenwriter. Among his last work as a director is highlighted Martirio (2014) film about the singer from Huelva, Cuando yo era… Eva la Yerbabuena (2013) and Me acuerdo perfectamente (2013), a stroll through the vital and personal memory. Besides, he directed the film about Camarón: Tiempo de leyenda (2010). He was Morente’s close friend during his whole life. He owns a privileged material of the cantaor and was the director of the acclaimed documentary Enrique Morente sueña la Alhambra (2005).

Gervasio Iglesias (Spain, 1966) is a director and screenwriter. His professional career as a producer embraces two wide work trajectories: length fiction films and documentaries. Among the fiction films it can be found La isla mínima (2014), Juan de los Muertos (2011) and y El hombre de las mil caras (2016). Among the documentaries it can be highlighted Triana pura y pura (2014) by Ricardo Pachón, Sigo siendo (2014) by Javier Corcuera, Mi querida España (2015) by Mercedes Moncada and Tiempo de leyenda (2010) by José Sánchez-Montes.


  • Omega (2016)
  • Beefeater In-edit
  • Goya Awards. Nominee for Best Documentary (2017)
  • Forqué Awards. Nominee for Best Documentary (2017)
  • Asecan Awards. Nominee for Best Documentary, Best Production, Best Edition (2017)
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