Direction: Loes Janssen
Production: Loes Janssen
Photography: Loes Janssen
Edition: Loes Janssen
Country: Netherlands
Year: 2015
Duration: 15'
Language: Dutch
National Premiere



Sky is nine years old and has a significant hearing impairment. He tries hard to participate in his class which is full of good hearing children, but he often feels powerless and misunderstood. He thinks the outsiders don’t understand him, but does he understand them? This short film shows Sky trying to maintain grip on his environment.


Sunday 14 | 12:00 | Docs a la Plaça
Sunday 21 | 12:00 | Docs a la Plaça

Loes Janssen (Netherlands, 1991) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design St. Joost of Breda with the film In het kader van Rada (2014). She is currently working as a documentary filmmaker. In her films tries to make people think, not just the audience, but also the people who participate in them. Questions about reality, identity, and how we can have control over them are often present in the stories she tells.
  • Sky (2015)
  • In het kade van Rada (2014)
  • Zo (2013)
  • Dat doe ik zelf wel (2011)
  • Ons-kent-ons (2011)
  • Docfeed Film Festival. Best Dutch Short Documentary Award (2016)
  • Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival
  • Pop-up Cinema: Talent Talks
  • Go Short International Film Festival Nijmegen
  • Tel Aviv International Children’s Film Festival
  • The International Children’s Film Carnival
  • Festival Internacional de Cine para Niños (...y no tan Niños)
  • Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival
  • Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival
  • DocsMX
  • Oulu Film Festival
  • Bluenose-Ability Film Festival
  • Olympia International Film Festival
  • Children’s Film Festival Seattle
  • International Children’s Film Festival Bangladesh
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