The Man against the Myth



Original Title: Eleuterio Sánchez contra el Lute
Direction: Carlos Moro, Luis Alaejos
Production: Carlos Moro
Photography: Mónica F. Fariñas
Edition: Javier Marco
Country: Spain
Year: 2017
Duration: 52′
Language: Spanish
World Premiere


Criminal, prisoner, fugitive, writer, father, husband… all of this and a lot more is Eleuterio Sánchez, el Lute. He is the most famous fugitive in Spain. He managed to write his biography in the drains of the Sevilla city while he was waiting for his capital punishment. Who had said that this poor and illiterate person would achieve to complete university studies? In his life underlie the whole history of a country.


Monday 15 | 19:00 | Octubre CCC
Tuesday 16 | 20:00 | La Filmoteca

Carlos Moro (Spain, 1958) resides in Altea since 1990. He has worked as a road manager, businessman, real-estate and filmmaker. In 1998 he shot two fiction short films in 35mm, El perrito caliente and La avería, which were extremely successful. He was the author of Un giro al sur (2004) and he is professional orientated towards feature and documentary in different formats and subjects.

Luís Alaejos (Spain) was co-scriptwriter of the documentary César y Zaín (2005), shot by Larry Levene for the production company El Deseo. Among his work, he has directed the length documentaries Palacio (2008), audience award winning of DocumentaMadrid in 2009, and Yanny Levkoff (2006), which was selected as Best Documentary in the Film Festival of Memory in Tepoztlán, Mexico.


Carlos Moro

  • Eleuterio Sánchez contra el Lute (2017)
  • En la tierra de la alegría (2012)
  • Mario Conde. Una vida extrema (2011)
  • Mediterráneo SA (2010)
  • Hippies Forever (2005)

Luís Alaejos

  • Eleuterio Sánchez contra el Lute (2017)
  • Palacio (2009)
  • Yanny Levkoff (2006)
  • Hippies Forever (2005)
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