Direction: Erik Gandini
Production: Erik Gandini
Photography: Manuel Alberto Claro, Lukas Eisenhauer
Edition: Johan Söderberg
Country: Sweden, Denmark, Finland
Year: 2009
Duration: 84′
Language: Italian, English
National Premiere


In a videocracy the key to power is the image. In Italy one man only has kept the domination of the image over three entire decades. Silvio Berlusconi has created a perfect system of TV-entertainment and politics. Like no one else, he has influenced the content of commercial television in Italy. His TV-channels, known for their over-exposure of almost naked girls, are seen by many as a mirror of his own taste and personality.


Saturday 13 | 20:15 | La Filmoteca

Erik Gandini (Sweden, 1967) is a director, producer, and writer born in Bergamo. He has directed numerous films and documentaries highlighting: Sacrificio: Who Betrayed Che Guevara? codirected with Tarik Saleh, Coral award winner in the Latin-American International New Film Festival in 2001; Surplus. Terrorized Into Being Consumers awarded in IDFA and Videocracy, award winning in TIFF, Sheffield, the Golden Graal and the Tempo Documentary Award in 2010. He is one of the founders of the Swedish company Atmo.

  • The Rebel Surgeon (2017)
  • The Swedish Theory of Love (2015)
  • Cosmopolitanism (2015)
  • Videocracy (2009)
  • Gitmo (2005)
  • Surplus. Terrorized Into Being Consumers (2003)
  • Sacrificio. Who Betrayed Che Guevara (2001)
  • Amerasians (1999)
  • Golden Graal (2010)
  • Tempo Documentary Award (2010)
  • Crossing Europe Award (2010)
  • TIFF. Best Documentary (2009)
  • Sheffield Doc/Fest. Inaugural Special Jury Award (2009)
  • Chicago International Film Festival
  • Hamptons International Film Festival
  • Göteborg Film Festival
  • Belgrade Film Festival
  • Thessaloniki Documentary Festival
  • Newport Beach International Film Festival
  • DocVille International Documentary Film Festival
  • Melbourne International Film Festival
  • Augsburg Filmtage
  • Les Arcs European Film Festival
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