La mirada sonora

La mirada sonora is a workshop focused on the importance of soundtracks within the documentary genre that is co-organised by DocsValència Espai de No Ficció and Acorde, the music supervision division of Music Library & SFX.

Music is one of the most powerful and efficient instruments in creating an emotional connection with the audience. And, a soundtrack’s melodies and textures fulfil a complex narrative function. But what is this function, and how are these audio tools used in the non-fiction genre?

These and other practical questions, as well as the secrets and peculiarities of musical creation, will be addressed in this entertaining and hands-on workshop with Jorge Magaz’s own music.

In the universe of the documentary genre, it is typical to consider music as a mere support to the image, something to link together sequences, or a simple background to reinforce some emotion.

However, be it in fiction or non-fiction, music and the handling of sound are «weapons of mass construction», complex tools that construct and shape meaning. They are structural, dynamic components that are, above all, ambivalent in the way they direct and organise discourse.

In documentary film especially, this ambivalence must be treated with delicate hands, because music’s marriage with any medium is never neutral. These and many other ideas are part of the workshop’s story development.

More information soon

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