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50 rupias. El precio de los suenos
50 Rupees. Ticket to Dreams

For more than one decade, no one—in any place—can feel safe against the Taliban terrorism, the jihadist terrorism. Going to the cinema might be the last thing you do in Pakistan.

el deseo de una madre docs
Mother’s Wish

Ten stories seen and told by women from different parts of the world. Together form an intense film about motherhood and love, but also about survival and hope.

ole ole ole un viaje a traves de america latina
Olé, Olé, Olé!: A Trip Across Latin America

This road movie follows the mythic band of The Rolling Stones in their Latin-American tour, which ended up in a historical concert with an audience of more than one million people in La Havana, Cuba.

los otros chicos docs pablo de la chica
The Other Kids

Mubiri Rigan dreams to emulate his idol, the soccer player Fernando Torres, and scoring the goal that brings Uganda its first African Cup. But he never had an easy life.

Gimme Danger

The new film of Jim Jarmusch exposes the The Stooges story, one of the best rock-n-roll bands ever that caused a huge impact in the late 60s.

Asier ETA biok

Asier and I grew up together in the troubled streets of the Basque Country during the 80’s. Later in life we went our separate ways. In 2002 Asier disappeared, he had become a member of ETA».


This film tells the genesis of a ground-breaking project in the 90s, mixing flamenco, the rock, the Federico García Lorca’s poetry and Leonard Cohen’s score.

Sara Baras. All Her Voices

Story of an exceptional artist who puts before us a vital dilemma: there are voices that pull the world forward, others prevent it from changing. We must decide which voices we listen to.

Filoxenia. The Rape of Europa

This is an accurate study of the current refugee crisis situation in many nations that shows the huge crisis of the functional values of the European civilization. Actually, the «abduction of Europe».

My Beloved Spain

A wonderful forest, modern minstrels, and 30 years of interviews with the main characters of Spanish history make up this fable. An apocryphal version of Spain in the reign of Juan Carlos I.

Freightened. The Real Price of Shipping

This investigation reveals the mechanics and perils of all-but-visible industry that relentlessly and supplies to more than seven billion humans all over the world.


A plague plenty of hypocrisy and envy is spread among the lands. An enormous hunger of land supported it.

el lute
The Man against the Myth

Criminal, prisoner, fugitive, writer, father, husband… all of this and a lot more is Eleuterio Sánchez, el Lute. He is the most famous fugitive in Spain who managed to write his biography in the drains of the Sevilla city while he was waiting for his capital punishment.

Cantos y crónicas
Songs and chronicles of a forgotten neighbourhood

A straightforward and brutal portrait of Palosmás, a marginal neighbourhood in Northern Nicaragua. A hell that squeezes lives and of which stories are hymns to the courage and human dignity.

el hombre que embotello el sol
The Man Who Bottled the Sun

This is the amazing story of how Benidorm became a major tourist resort thanks to Pedro Zaragoza. This man was able to create a modern city out of nothing dedicated to the leisure of the middle class.

un exilio pelicula familiar docs
In Exile: A Family Movie

A tragedy of epic dimension that turned into the eventful stories of survival the protagonists lived through and recall, intertwined with the shared history of Spain and Mexico in the XXth Century.

raving iran docs
Raving Iran

Tired of hiding from the police and their stagnating career in Teheran, Anoosh y Arash organize one last rave under dangerous circumstances in the desert that change their lives forever.

The Lion and the Brave Mouse

Months ago Nora’s house was destroyed by a missile in Syria. She and her family fled, but time dared to dream again: her future art academy will be called «Art Forever».

The Travel Agent

From his little office in Havana, with view to the United States Interest Section, Lourdes advises thousands of Cubans who want to get a temporary visa to travel to this country.

sky docs

Sky is nine years old and has severe hearing disability. He strives to participate in his class full of children who listen well, but constantly feel powerless and misunderstood.

michael moore en trumpland
Michael Moore in TrumpLand

Oscar-winner director Michael Moore, dives deep in the heart of hostile TrumpLand territory with his daring, profound, and uproarious one-man show.

los ninos docs
The Grown-Ups

A group of friends with Down Syndrome have been going to the same school for 40 years. When their parents died they thought that they could live by their own, have sex, get married and have real jobs. However, things have not changed.

mos brow
Mo’s Bows

While most of sixth grade students have barely gotten their first job, Moziah Bridges is already the owner of his own bow ties business: Mo’s Bow.

La balada del Oppenheimer Park
The Ballad of Oppenheimer Park

Harley Prosper, Janet Brown and Bear Raweater, a group of exiled natives of the Canadian Reserves, transform the daily drinking alcohol ritual in a park into a challenging celebration.

camino a la escuela
Going to School in a Mud Desert

In the middle of a muddy, muddy desert, Ramesh and his friends go to school. Each year the monsoon turns this desert into an ocean and the water rises as high as a man.

hoka hey un buen dia para morir docs
Hoka Hey. A Good Day to Die

A simple, but strong and revealing, portrait of Jason P. Howe, photojournalist that has survived 12 years in the battle line of four wars, in order to capture images that the world must see.

El crazy che
The Crazy Che

This is the incredible story of Gaede, an Argentine engineer that during the Cold War voluntarily served as a spy for the Cuban secret service and then for the CIA.

teoria sueca del amor
The Swedish Theory of Love

There are more and more single mothers who are artificially inseminated and the number of people dying alone increases year by year in Sweden. Is it worth the loneliness in exchange for having an autonomous life?

batalla intimas docs
Intimate Battles

After surviving to a sexist violence, five women from five different continents point out that love should not be painful at all. Also they argue that home should be the safest place in the world.


In a videocracy the key to power is the image. In Italy Silvio Berlusconi has kept the domination of the image over three entire decades and created a perfect system of TV-entertainment and politics.

el cuarto reino
The Fourth Kingdom

The Fourth Kingdom is a centre for immigrants and hopeless people where the American dream is still possible… or perhaps it is an environmental reply to the progress failed.

terra de muixeranga
Land of Muixeranga

This is a reflective and symphonic view about the human being connexion with the sky and land. The spiritual strength of ancestors has survived despite the modernity waking up the already forgotten inner strengths.

el cirujano rebelde gandini
The Rebel Surgeon

In Ethiopia resources are extremely limited so Dr Erichsen is forced to operate using what is at hand, like a cheap power drill from the local supermarket, or fishing line instead of suture thread.


Agustín Climent is a fighter that together with his brother Jorge, have built a little empire. With a lot of effort they manage the most significant martial arts club in the city.

superavit. Aterrorizando para crear consumidores
Surplus. Terrorized Into Being Consumers

Surplus shows the unfeasibility of the political models that have ruled the world and makes an excellent parallelism of different visions of consumption and postures in front of a system that has failed.

Eli (facebook Aguilar)
Eli. Swedish Passion

It is unknown if that guy exist truly. That is known is that the simple idea of feeling loved changed the life of the main character in the documentary. That is a real love story.

2000 maniacos (YouTube)
2000 Maníacos. 25 Years of Series B

The 2000 Maníacos fanzine have been a handful during 25 years. It has become a cult item. The director wants to celebrate the anniversary when suddenly is murdered.

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