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130 Brothers | Ainara Aparici | Xile, Costa Rica

Melba and Víctor have formed an exceptional family from what they considered to be a miracle. For 40 years, they adopt and raise dozens of children and adolescents from vulnerable environments. In these four decades they had more than 130 «children». Nowadays, the aging in this great home continues, with the adventures and difficulties that face more than forty children who, thanks to Víctor and Melba, are transforming their lives.

Postwar Albums | Amanda Sans Pantling | Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Twenty-five years ago we witnessed the longest siege of modern times: the place of Sarajevo. The majority of the survivors were children and adolescents. The prestigious photographer and war reporter Gervasio Sánchez traveled through the streets during the years of siege and took hundreds of photos. Their portraits reflect pain and happiness, because in a war there are also playful moments. Now, 25 years later, Gervasio and the director return to Sarajevo to portray this broken generation.

Eguzkilorea | Irati Cano Alkain | Spain

30 min | H264
The Eguzkilorea or Flor del Sol, according to Basque mythology, has properties to frighten spirits, storms or any other danger with its light. In all the houses of the Basque Country, sun flowers were placed on top of the main doors. My father doesn’t. He died on December 3rd, 2007. Now, 10 years later, I tried to decipher the meaning of Eguzkilorea for my family. Will I find the flower that protects me?

The Ripley Case | Alex García de Vicuña | Spain

80 min | 4K
Rodrigo Nogueira, better known as Mr. Ripley, has been an international executive, a businessman, a chef, a creative designer, a tattoo or a hacker. After he has left a long way of infidelity, disappointment, half-truths and many lies. After his track not only are authorities and more than 70 victims to whom he deceived and swindled, also five lawyers, psychologists, forensic computer scientists, a private detective, a legal expert and a data analyst.

El Drogas, The Documentary | Natxo Leuza, Andrés García | Spain

After the most traumatic departure of a band that is remembered in Spanish rock, and when life showed its fairest face, Barricada’s former vocalist, Enrique Villarreal, took refuge in the family and in a group of friendly musicians to resurface from the dark and achieve something almost impossible: to succeed for the second time as el Drogas. This documentary approaches the personal life and artistic career of one of the most respected figures in the current culture.

The Trees Tell Us | Carlos Sepúlveda G. | Chile

90 min | full HD
Through María, a 73-year-old farmer afflicted with lung cancer caused by the chemical contamination of the huge surrounding industrial complexes, witnessed the home and the factory, the everyday and the apocalyptic, progress and magic in the village of Ventanas, in the region of Valparaíso, Chile. There, María will try to save her fields and crops on a trip to death, leading us to magical spaces where the trees and their past come alive.

Lobster Soup | Rafael Molés, Pepe Andreu | Spain

75 min | 16:9
Krilli prepares lobster soup every morning in Bryggjan cafe while her wife makes pastries and miss Reikiavik. People from all over the planet come to this part of Iceland to see the genesis of Earth. Also a corporation with a great deal. If the immense hotel is built, Krilli’s wife will be able to return to the city, but the land will no longer be a virgin, the stories will drown in the sea, the last lobster soup will be served at Bryggjan coffee and everyone will be orphaned.


505 or Why We Adore the Objects | Miguel León Marcos | Spain

Miguel loves his car, a crippled Peugeot 505 with three decades of existence and two hundred thousand kilometers, which for years has not started and where he has even lived a vagabond. Everyone around him agrees that el Toro, as Miguel nicknamed his carriage, makes a scrap and that the only reasonable exit is to take it to scrapping. However, instead of this, Miguel decides to make a documentary about him.

A Busking Road Story | Xavi Bèjar | Spain

50 min
Documentary focused on the world of busker, also known as a street musician. The story is based on Borja Catanesi, a young Valencian busker. Thanks to him we know street art and musicians of the same field, which offers us information about the legal landscape and the potential of this type of artists. Together we will contrast the situation of the different European cities for which we are going through.

Welcome Mr. Loach | José Carlos Díaz, Xavi Cortés | Spain

80 min
Seven women reconstruct the chronicle of filming in the region of Maestrazgo of Tierra y libertad (1995), an emblematic movie of a singular author: Ken Loach. During filming, the ties became so strong among the group of actors and actresses who ended up forming a true militia in which it was difficult to distinguish if he fought or acted. This is the privileged vision of an experience that goes beyond the profession.

God Underestimated Me | Alejandra Mora | Uganda

90 min | 2K
The women of the Hope House Foundation, in Kajjansi, Uganda, infected with HIV, have proposed to form a soccer team, something inconceivable in that place. To achieve this, they will have to fight against the traditions of the community, but above all against their own fears. They do not dream of raising trophies, but with having fun. In their majority widows or abandoned and with very precarious jobs, these women try to survive. Sports helps them improve their self-esteem and feel integrated.

The Dancing Revolution | Gabriel Ochoa | Espanya

80 min, 52 min | 4K UHD
Clubbing has experienced different revolutions. Rewind to the back, the film projects cities like Ibiza, London or Berlin. However, there is a missing link in that chain of which it has been written in just a few hours. From a handful of misfits to 30,000 followers every weekend. Almost everything happened between 1980 and 1986. Almost everything happened between Barraca, Espiral, Chocolate and Spook. Almost everything happened in the shadow of a tragic end called the Ruta del Bacalao and «like almost anything else, all this started in Valencia».

Posidonia | Adán Aliaga | Spain

80 min | digital 2K
Posidonia is the story of Tabarca, the smallest inhabited island in the Mediterranean. Tell how the stations model and transform it into a new place. It reflects its past, legends and magic through its people. People of emblematic character conferred by their Genoese background, pirates, smugglers, as well as their isolation. Fact that has allowed the conservation of its treasure: The Posidonia. But like every jewel, it suffers threats and attacks against those who fight.

Swedish Rhapsody | Fran Ruvira | Spain

80 min
This is the story of a mysterious Swedish woman, Karin Lannby (1916-2007), spy, writer and actress, who captivated personalities such as Buñuel, Bergman, Lorca or Cocteau. Following his trail, we embarked on an epic journey from the Spanish Civil War, through the neutral Stockholm of the 2nd World War to the Cold War in Paris. His adventures currently challenge us in a story where the reality and imagination of a character worthy of spy movies is mixed.

Unforgettable Lands | Ana Victoria Pérez, Tulani Silva | Spain

Unforgettable Lands is an intimate portrait of the trajectory of the Spanish playwright Moncho Rodríguez and his quest to create true bonds that unite cultures. The documentary, in addition to presenting a look at the theatrical creation, offers a tribute to the art of the encounter by interspersing testimonies of various artists with scenes from the latest shows directed by Moncho Rodríguez.

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