Asier ETA biok

Direction: Amaia Merino, Aitor Merino
Production: Ainhoa Andraka, Amaia Merino, Aitor Merino, Gabriela Calvache
Photography: Aitor Merino
Edition: Amaia Merino, Ainhoa Andraka
Country: Spain
Year: 2013
Duration: 94′
Language: Basque, Spanish
Valencian Premiere


Asier and I grew up together in the troubled streets of the Basque Country during the eighties. Later in life we went our separate ways. In 2002 Asier disappeared, he had become a member of ETA. Then he was arrested and imprisoned in the France. He spent the next eight years in prison. During that time, I talked a lot whit my friends about how special our friendship was for me. But often, the conversation led to questions for which I found no answer.


Thuesday 16 | 19:00 | Octubre CCC

Aitor Merino (Spain, 1972) is a film, theatre and television actor, he has worked in more than twenty films with directors such as: Montxo Armendáriz, Pilar Miró, Vicente Aranda, Manuel Matji and Icíar Bollaín. His first documentary, El pan nuestro (2008), obtained national and international awards. It was also nominated for the Goya awards in 2008. Asier ETA biok (2013), his first documentary film—co-directed by his sister Amaia Merino—was awarded with the Irizar award in the San Sebastian Film Festival. Currently, he is directing his second length film: Fantasía.


Amaia Merino (Spain, 1970) is a director and actress. She works and resides in Ecuador, where she has specialised in no fiction editing and script filming. During the last fifteen years she has edited some of the most recognised length film in that country, including 1809-1810. Mientras llega el día (2004), Blak Mama (2009), Más allá del mal (2010), Resonancia (2012) and Asier ETA biok (2013). Since 2006 she has been teaching editing and scrip in the Instituto Tecnológico de Cine y Actuación (Incine).

Aitor Merino

  • Fantasía (work in progress, 2017)
  • Asier ETA biok (2013)
  • El pan nuestro (2008)

Amaia Merino

  • Asier ETA biok (2013)
  • Festival de San Sebastián. Irizar Award (2013)
  • Tenemos Que Ver Festival Internacional de Cine y Derechos Humanos de Uruguay. Tevé Ciudad Audience Award and
  • Tenemos Que Ver Award to Best Feature (2014).
  • DocsMX
  • Arkipel Jakarta International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival
  • DOK.fest München
  • TRT Documentary Awards
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