Brothers in Syria

  • Original title: Germans a Síria
  • Direction: Víctor Suárez Ballesteros
  • Production: Víctor Suárez Ballesteros
  • Photography: Víctor Suárez Ballesteros
  • Edition: Víctor Suárez Ballesteros
  • Country: España, Grecia
  • Year: 2017
  • Duration: 5'
  • Language: inglés
  • Web:
  • Internacional premiere


Caught in the middle of the war in Syria, a young boy of 21 years decides that he doesn’t want to hold a gun. Together with his brother and other companions they form the organization of the White Helmets in the city of Aleppo to rescue civilians. During one of his incursions, the brothers are attacked and when one regains consciousness, he is wounded and his brother is about to die.


Wednesday 2 | 18:00 | La Filmoteca
Thursday 3 | 20:00 | Col·legi Major Rector Peset
Friday 4 | 18:00 | Docs a la Plaça

Víctor Suárez Ballesteros (Valencia, 1986) was qualified as superior sound technician and superior technician of electronic products. Since he was a child he started borrowing his father’s camera and interest has evolved over the years with the aim of using the audiovisual as a tool for awareness and transformation. He lives in the Valencian neighbourhood of Benimaclet and participates in documentaries with social themes.


  • Germans a Síria (2017).
  • Carrícola, un pueblo en transición (2017).
  • La plage (2017).
  • Francis et la menuiserie (2017).
  • Mirémonos en Benimaclet (2017).
  • 2nd DocsValència International Documentary Film Festival (2018).
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