Daniel Mahiques Martí | Spain

He studied a library science and documentation diploma at University of Valencia. Currently, he works as a librarian and cultural manager at the Montaverner Borough, in Valencia. Since 2012 he coordinates the Mostra Internacional de Cinema Documental de Montaverner (Mon·Doc), where he has collaborated since 2009

Eva Peydró | Spain

Eva is philologist, translator, film critic, cultural journalist and writer. She has been jury in significant international festivals such as Cannes, Venice, Karlovy Vary, Valladolid or San Sebastian. She is special guest in the Radio 3 programme: El séptimo vicio. In 2014, she founded the cultural magazine on-line El Hype, where she is the director and she contributes writing articles about culture, films reviews and festivals articles. She is also a Fipresci and the Fedeora member.

Rolando Díaz | Cuba, Spain

Producer, scriptwriter, director and cinema lecturer. He has directed 8 length films, 17 short films and a medium length film, which has been award winning in diverse national and international festivals such as: Berlin, Toronto, Amsterdam, New York and Havana. He manages the Documentaries of creation Development Laboratory (CreaDoc) in Canarias. During 5 years, he has co-directed the International Documentary Festival (MiradasDoc) which is held in Tenerife every year.


Carles Bosch | Spain

Journalist and writer. He has filmed numerous documentaries about the most relevant events in the last decades, including: the First Gulf War, the Balkans, Kosovo or Mexican ZANL. In 2002 directed his first documentary: Balseros, which obtained several awards in 2004, among them are highlighted: Peabody Award and an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary Film. He has attended multiplicity national and international film festivals.

Diego Mas Trelles | Spain

He has worked, among others, as a programming coordinator at DocumentaMadrid and programmer at DocsBarcelona, European Film Festival of Sevilla, Ronda Fest, among others. He has taken part in the jury of diverse national and international festivals. He has produced and directed advertisements, music videos, television programmes and few documentaries. He was a content management director for Filmanova group and ex-director of Docus Madrid. Currently, he is a member of the European Film Academy.

Tania Castro | Spain

The last 16 years, she has been working as a photojournalist for the newspaper El País. She has been commissioner in more than 40 photography exhibitions. She has been awarded several times and exhibited individually and collectively. She is founded and director of PhotOn Festival as well as co-founder of the European net of photography festivals Phen. She worked as a coordinator and co-creator of the Mercabarna and #ClickAlMercat campaigns, the first photography competition between the municipal markets in Valencia.


Aitor Merino | Spain

Film, theatre and television actor, he has worked in more than twenty films with directors such as: Montxo Armendáriz, Pilar Miró, Vicente Aranda, Manuel Matji and Icíar Bollaín. His first documentary, El pan nuestro (2008), obtained national and international awards. It was also nominated for the Goya awards in 2008. Asier ETA biok (2013), his first documentary film—co-directed by his sister Amaia Merino—was awarded with the Irizar award in the San Sebastian Film Festival. Currently, he is directing his second length film: Fantasía.

Javier Corcuera | Peru

He studied film studies in Peru and visual sciences at Complutense University of Madrid. His first length film La espalda del mundo (2000), was award winning of Fipresci Awards in the San Sebastian Film Festival and OCIC Awards in Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano International Festival. His latest work, Sigo siendo (kachkaniraqmi) (2013), was awarded in the Festival of Cine of Lima and obtained 14 international awards. He is director and founder of the FiSahara festival since 2003.

Raúl Riebenbauer | Spain

He is a journalist, documentary filmmaker and writer. He focuses his work on an accurate analysis and obsessive study. As an example we can found his book El silencio de Georg (2005) and the documentary La sombra del iceberg (2007), both of them with outstanding results. Since 2012 he has lectured workshops and conferences regarding to investigation journalism and documentaries in different universities and cultural centres of Lima, Santo Domingo, Utrecht, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

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